About The Project

Questions and Answers:

The project is primarily a field-building endeavor aimed at promoting well-being research by fostering dialogue and collaboration among well-being researchers across a wide range of disciplines, including the sciences, philosophy, and theology and religious studies. To this end we will sponsor a variety of activities, including sub-grants, conferences, publications, and public outreach efforts. We also aim to promote public understanding of well-being research. Click here for an overview of the project.


At this time the main opportunities are aimed at researchers, in the form of sub-grants and conferences. But we expect to add further components of interest to the general public. You can learn about future developments by subscribing to the project mailing list and following the News page on this site. Project news along with other well-being related items, will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. 


Absolutely not. The project leader’s own research is done from a secular perspective. But a great deal of the most important and insightful thinking about well-being has taken place within various religious and spiritual traditions, and we believe it is important that such perspectives be an integral part of well-being research.